The common lifelong vaccination schedule was introduced in Spain following the agreement reached by the plenary of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System on 8 May 2019. This schedule introduces for the first time vaccination recommendations beyond childhood, that is, passive immunization before birth, through vaccination of pregnant women and, in the adult and elderly population. This calendar has been progressively implemented in all the autonomous communities and highlights the importance of vaccination at all ages.

The meeting will have a first high-level part in which the situation of vaccination schedules for the EU will be presented. The second part of the meeting, more technical, will focus on sharing experiences with other EU members on addressing certain aspects that pose a challenge in improving vaccination programs, such as problems of access to vaccination, vaccination of vulnerable population, confidence in the vaccination of health personnel and the vaccination of the adult population.

The widespread deployment of COVID-19 vaccination has reflected strengths and weaknesses of the health system and public health programs, while forging an opinion on vaccination in both, population and health workers that may have been different in each country.

This meeting aims to address some of the key aspects and share experiences to improve the functioning of vaccination programs.